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- Latex Gloves
- Aluminium Foil
- Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) Packaging Materials
- Wide Assortment of Tapes

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Aluminium Foil

Our subsidiary, Messrs. General Aluminium Works (M) Sdn. Bhd, (11667-K)(GAW) established in 1994, is the pioneer in the conversion of aluminium foil in Malaysia. We are an internationally recognized manufacturer with multiple accolades, such as the prestigious ISO9002 certification. The manufacturing division has established itself in the manufacturing and marketing of flexible aluminium foil, packaging materials for durable and consumer goods, wide assortment of tapes for both domestic and international markets.
.We manufacture an impressive range of flexible packaging materials for durable and consumer goods used in:-
" Snack Food "
" Dry Food and Beverages "
" Confectionery "
" Pharmaceuticals "
" Toiletries "

Established to capitalize on the growing importance of high technology in packing materials,
a wide range of products involving paper, plastic and aluminium foil are produced and marketed, such as:-
" Cigarette Foil "
" Beer Foil Diaphragm "
" Burger Wrappers "
" Gift Wrappers "
" Metallized Film and Paper "
" Cable Sheathing Foil "
" Electrostatic Discharge Film "

We provide professional assistance and advisory service for packaging requirements. Our products are marketed in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh, Australia, Hong Kong and China respectively. We remain confident that this is a growing sector and optimistic about the future.

To enquire, please contact:

Mr Cheah Wan Cheun
General Aluminium Works (M) Sdn. Bhd (11667-K)

Electro - Static Discharge (ESD) Packaging Materials

ESD packaging materials are designed primarily for the electronic and semi-conductor industries. Messrs. ZapStat Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary company of Messrs. General Aluminium Works (M) Sdn. Bhd., set-up in June, 1996, with her factory located in Taiping, Perak, is currently a leading manufacturer of ESD packaging materials in Malaysia. We are the provider of ESD packaging solutions for specialized applications required by the electronic and semi conductor industries with a broad range of products that protect against component damage caused by electro - static discharge (ESD).

Our list of products include:-
(1.) Static Shielding Material (Metal In).
(2.) Moisture Barrier Material (both Metalised and Foil).
(3.) EMI / ESD Static Shielding Material.
(4.) Clear Barrier Material.

We undertake on-going research and development work to ensure the technological edge and to pursue excellent through strategic alliances and work closely with the leading electronics and semi conductor multi-national companies. We have a team of competent professionals at hand to provide consultancy services and technical advises to cater for the needs of the latest manufacturing technologies.

Wide Assortment of Tapes

Loytape Industries Sdn. Bhd. (122768-U) manufactures a wide range of premium tapes such as Stationery Tape, Cellulose Tape, Litho-graphic Tape, Mending Tape, Opp Tape, PVC Insulating Tape, Gummed Paper Tape, Green Veneer Edge Tape, Masking Tape (general purpose and high temperature) and Aluminum Foil Tape respectively. "Loytape" brand is one of the most popular quality products distributed and marketed widely in both domestic and international markets. All products are produced with good quality control and made to performance under the most demanding and harsh condition. We continue to improve our products through R & D work and at the mean time, to cut cost whenever possible to improve price competitiveness.

To enquire, please contact:

Mr Choo Boon Hock
Loytape Industries Sdn. Bhd. (122768-U)


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