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Timber Harvesting

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Logs and Timber Processing

To complement our timber harvesting operations, WTK now owns five sawmills and three plywood mills strategically located to meet the growing market demands in numerous part of the world. We manufacture sawn timber, veneer, plywood, building materials and relevant timber based products. Timber species of our products comprise the Malaysian hardwood species such as Meranti, Kapur, Keruing, Selangan Batu, Agathis, Jelutong, Mersawa, and other mixed light hardwoods and swamp species such as the Meranti, Kapur, Jongkong, Alan Batu, Sengawan, and Sepetir. Species of our sawn timber consist of the Dark Red Meranti, Ramin, Selangan Batu, Kapur Keruing and other mixed light hardwoods.

Round Logs

The Group owns sizeable timber concession areas in Sarawak and Papua New Guinea. We are a major supplier of round logs.

To enquire, please contact:

Datuk Wong Kie Yik/Mr Patrick Wong/
Mr Lau Puong Ying/Mr Michael Pao

WTK Timber Exporter Sdn Bhd (31488-M)

Sawn Timber:

Our five sawmills cater to both local and overseas market needs. We produce air dried, kiln dried and chemical treated sawn timber. To-date our Sarawak mills output a combined monthly production of 10,000 cubic meters of high quality MGR sawn timber.

To enquire, please contact:

Ms Annie Wong
Gopoint Sdn Bhd (187818-A)
Sarawak Moulding Industries Bhd (17570-V)
Woodbank Industries (M) Sdn Bhd (193238-W)

Veneer and Plywood:

Our three Sarawak mills produce a combined monthly output capacity of some 20,000 cubic meters of quality veneer and plywood. All our veneer and plywood comply with the JPIC and IHPA quality control grading rules.

To enquire, please contact:

Mr Patrick Wong
Linshanhao Plywood (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd (180651-X)
Kuching Plywood Berhad (009455-A)

Cairnfield Sdn Bhd (142717-A)

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