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Forest ownership, timber harvesting and forest management

To complement Forest ownership, timber harvesting and forest management has been the primary and core business of WTK Group of companies. To-date, our organization has a sizeable forest concession areas of 850,000 hectares spread out in many parts of Sarawak. The organization also has 400,000 hectares of concession areas in Papua New Guinea. While carrying out our timber harvesting operations, steps are taken to ensure the astute management of the forest in line with the ITTO's standard of forest management to attain the most sustainable yielding of a renewable forest resource. One significant step adopted by WTK to minimize the impact of harvesting operation on natural forest environment was the introduction of aerial harvesting with the use of giant helicopter in1993. WTK is the pioneer in the heli-harvesting operation of timber in Malaysia. Combining aviation skills with sophisticated logging technology, this is an environmental friendly timber harvesting system and only quality timber logs are selectively harvested and directly air-lifted by helicopter to the drop zone. There will be no ground disturbance between the stump and the drop zone. Helicopter harvesting system is recognized and proven to be a low environmental impact harvesting system on the natural habitat of tropical rain forest. An efficient heli operation needs a comprehensive forward planning and good team work. It is this belief and practice that has led WTK Group of companies to obtain business acumen and numerous recognitions. Currently, every step is taken to seek improvement and technical innovation in the timber harvesting operations.

Nevertheless, WTK group is currently using the technologically innovated low impact ground based timber harvesting operation, called the "Logfishing" technique with a heavy dutied cable and which modified timber harvester in hill forest area without the construction of any "Skid-Trails" for the log extraction work.

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